Vision and Content Engineering Lab français


3D reconstruction
Real-time localisation

Dimensional control
Augmented reality


Object detection, tracking and re-identification
Event recognition, behaviour analysis
Sensor calibration, scene modelling



Text mining

Semantic analysis of multilingual documents for indexing, technological watch and filtering applications


Multimedia Fusion

Multimodal information extraction
Retrieval over large databases, as well as for mobile applications.

3D & Mobility
Visual Scene Understanding
Natural Language Processing
Image & Multimedia

Part of the CEA LIST Institute, the Vision and Content Engineering Lab (LVIC – Laboratoire Vision & Ingénierie des Contenus) is located in France (Paris region, Nano-Innov Centre) and is member of the Paris-Saclay University.

Domains of excellence

The LVIC leads research in the field of Computer Vision and Automatic Text Analysis, with the challenge of fast and accurate information extraction and knowledge management from unstructured documents (text, image, video, sensor network).

This topic is addressed through four scientific thematics:

A lab oriented to technology transfer

In line with CEA LIST Institute (Carnot label) mission, our lab aims to transfer its technology resources to industry. This mission is performed through partnerships built to fit with industrial needs.

We develop a large experience in technology maturation process leading from lab research (TRL 2-3) until demonstration in exploitation context (TRL 7). Of course, we support our partners for technology integration in the last steps of industrialization. Launching start-ups is also a large part of this transfer activity, three companies Ant’Inno, Diota, Arcure have been created since 2009 based on our technology and 2 new projects are currently incubated. These partnerships are secured thanks to our patent portofolio (30 active international patents). Our partnerships cover in the major activity domains as Multimedia, Advanced Manufacturing, Security, Smart Life, Transportation, Energy, and Health.

A long term approach

Our partners benefit from research led in CEA for over 30 years.
Supported by 60 people (38 permanent members), the laboratory enriches and renews its expertise, software libraries and patent portfolio by focusing on:

  • the development of efficient and robust algorithms for analysis by extraction, tracking, classification and semantic interpretation
  • reconstruction of information or fusion multimodal data for the interpretation of scenes and documents.

Upstream of our transfer activities, we enrich our know-how, patents and software libraries by looking-forward studies in connection with the academic community:

To support this mission, the laboratory can also rely on the technology platforms of CEA LIST.


We offer doctoral/postdoctoral/Engineer/Researcher positions in our research field.
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